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What Are Some Doctors Saying About The Electric Cigarette

What Are Some Doctors Saying About The Electric Cigarette

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One of the reasons that some tobacco smokers have not yet tried the electric cigarette as a replacement for the tobacco they smoke is because they are unsure as to what their doctor would say about using the device. Most smokers can already tell you that their personal physician that know they smoke tobacco are not pleased with that fact at all and are always trying to get them to quit. This, of course, is much easier said than done for most tobacco smokers. Smokers have long wished for an easier way to deal with their nicotine addiction and the e cigarette could be helpful to many of them if they would only try it.

There are many doctors who are critics of the electric cigarette and look at the product as a way for smokers to be able to continue to indulge their nicotine addiction instead of giving it up. This is true, but the real question is whether using the e cigarette is a better alternative than continuing to smoke tobacco. This is where some doctors support the product because to them it appears to be a better choice than continuing to use tobacco.

Even on the popular television show “The Doctors” back in January of 2009, they endorsed the e cigarette as a “positive option for current smokers.” These doctors do not smoke themselves, but they did have a long time smoker try the device and she reportedly stopped using tobacco and switched completely to the electric cigarette. It was also said that she recommended it to other current smokers. This is real positive feedback for this device as a means of getting smokers off of the tobacco at least if not the nicotine.

Any doctor you ask is more than likely going to tell you that not using any nicotine or inhaling anything at all is the very best choice, but for tobacco smokers that have tried and have been unable to stop smoking successfully, using this device will at least help them to remove some of the most hazardous elements of tobacco smoking from their life. If you are unsure about whether or not you want to try the electric cigarette if you are already a tobacco smoker, have a discussion with your personal physician and see what he thinks. Some doctors might be supportive of the product while others might not be until more conclusive studies are presented to them.

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