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How to Get Free Diabetic Supplies (Without the Scams)

How to Get Free Diabetic Supplies (Without the Scams)

Dr. Wendellson specializes in Internal Medicine and currently has a private practice in San Antonio, Texas. He is also a National Guardsman, having served two tours of duty as a health care specialist in the Middle East.

For diabetes sufferers, curing diabetes is exhausting not only to their health but also to their pockets. According to the 2007 National Diabetes Fact Sheet, approximately $176 billion was spent on diagnosed diabetes in the United States alone, with $116 billion for direct medical costs and $58 billion on indirect costs such as disability, work loss etc. The report also pointed out that a person with diabetes spends an average of $11,744 annually on health care coverage, which is nearly twice as high as those who are without diabetes.

And because of the high cost associated of treatment, some resort to searching for free diabetic supplies in order to save money. Currently there are many options available for you to get free diabetic supplies, but probably the easiest way would be to go to your local health center. Certain individuals such as those who are over 60, uninsured, unemployed or living in a low-income household can avail of Medicare, Medicaid and other government assistance programs that help pay for insulin pump supplies, test strips and other diabetic supplies or even provide them out for free.

However, the supplies provided through these programs are often limited. Individuals with Type 1 diabetes who are covered by Medicaid, for example, are limited to 100 free test strips and lancets per month, while those with Type 2 diabetes are only given 100 free strips and lancets every three months.

To learn more about how to get free diabetic supplies through Medicaid, Medicare and other government assistance programs and whether you qualify for them, you can either inquire at the health department in your area or search for websites that offer free diabetic supplies.If you are unable to secure government assistance or are looking for additional means to get free diabetic supplies, you may also want to try the Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA).

Sponsored by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, PPA assists qualified patients without prescription drug coverage to obtain medicines and other diabetic supplies for free or at a reduced rate.

Their programs range from payment assistance programs to health insurance (CHIP) programs for children to savings cards as well as provide step-by-step instructions on how you can apply for them. Some individual diabetes supply manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies also offer their products for free. The pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and Company, for instance, offers free trial vouchers for their insulin delivery pens. They also have the Lilly Cares patient assistance program wherein they provide a monthly supply of insulin for free to qualified applicants.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals, a pharmaceutical company based in Osaka, Japan, also offers free samples of their diabetes medication and supplies to patients with the necessary prescriptions from their doctors. The internet in general is another venue whereby you may be able to obtain free diabetic supplies. There are a variety of sites that can connect you with groups who will provide you the supplies you are in search of for a nominal cost and often times free.

There are also other simple ways you can get free diabetic supplies. For example, you can ask your doctor to write a prescription for glucose monitor kits, take it to a pharmacy and ask if they have kits that are available for free with a prescription from a doctor. Some diabetes supply manufacturers give away glucose meters (which cost an average of $80.00) for free to entice customers to purchase their test strips, so do not hesitate to ask your doctor of any manufacturers and programs that offer free glucose monitor kits and other supplies and how you can avail them.

When searching for free diabetic supplies, keep in mind that while they may not cost a penny, they can take up a lot of time and paperwork. Most patient assistance programs, for instance, have rigorous screening procedures to determine whether an applicant has the right qualifications (such as a low income or not have private insurance policies) and often take a long time to be approved. But with the ever-increasing costs of diabetes medication and supplies, such programs can help keep down the cost of treatment.

It is important to note that if you or a loved one suffers from diabetes, keeping it in check and knowing where you stand with the help of regular testing equipment will help you maintain your overall health. The expense is not ideal, but the same can be said for suffering from health consequences as a result of not properly maintaining your physical health! Take every opportunity possible to mitigate your costs by obtaining free medical supplies.

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