Dos and Don’ts of Diabetes Diet

Dos and Don’ts of Diabetes Diet

A lot of what you used to eat when you thought you were healthy you have to change from when you get diagnosed with diabetes. The diet is now going to be something with a lot less sugar and calories, and big on other minerals, vitamins and proteins. Don’t ever let yourself forget that.

Never embark on a diabetes diet if you don’t know exactly what you are supposed to be doing. You cannot just buy and indulge in certain foods because you feel they should be right for the condition. You need every decision, every choice, to be guided by professional influence.

In truth, you may still indulge in some of your favorite cuisines from time to time, even with diabetes. However, you must not let them exceed a particular limit. I suggest you let your doctor in on every such decision so that you are well versed on the possible consequences.

Carbohydrates have no place as part of your diabetic diet. Even if you must eat them, you have to make sure that they are in trace quantities. Being as they are intense sources of glucose, your diabetic system can do a lot better without them. You need control the portions of your foods when you have to deal with diabetes. Although most doctors might prefer that you never again touch starchy foods, I suppose you can still indulge albeit minimally. Focus more in the proteins.

Fruits. You don’t have a diabetes diet complete without fruits; lots of them. Be careful to watch out for the starchy ones, but please, fall in love with your fruits.

There is no reason for you to hate the food; if anything, you need to love it. The food you have to eat now is not what gave you the diabetes; it is what you used to eat that did. I suggest you forget about the past and embrace the future, and the diet that comes with it. A diabetes diet is the kind of diet that keeps you healthy when you suffer from diabetes. You see, certain eating habits have been known to contribute to a worse diabetic condition, but with the right kind of eating, you can still stay alive while the rest of the treatment goes on.

Last but not the least, always maintain a proper balance between your diet and physical exercise as diabetic person requires proper movement of body but in doing that people often give less attention to their diet or vice verse.

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